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Tree management services based in Mansfield

Over 20 Years Experience

Established in 1999

After working in the mid-1990’s for a local firm I had the opportunity to go and work for a large company in Sweden. My time there was spent learning and working alongside some of the very best arborists in the world. After 18 months I was ready to come home and start my own business, The Arborist Ltd.

Over the last 24 years, I have worked for some great clients and have had the privilege to work on some fantastic trees. Although we are only a small firm, we are very efficient. We have carried out thousands of small and large contracts.

Our emphasis has always been on Quality.

List of qualifications
– City in Guilds, CS30*CS31A*CS31B*CS36*CS38*CS39*CS41
– City in Guilds, Advanced National Certificate in Countryside Management
– Centra Environmental conservation & Practical Environment skills, level 2

Our Core Arborist Services

Tree Felling

Whilst we consider tree removal as the last resort, often there is no other alternative, we then offer sectional felling using rigging and handheld techniques.

Crown Reductions

One of our specialist areas, full crown reduction, part reductions, weight reduction’s.

Hedge Cutting

Shrubs of any size can be professionally reduced and trimmed to your specific dimensions to create a tidier looking hedge.

Crown Lifting

The removal and trimming of lower branches to lift the crown to the required height e.g. 5.2 m over a road for buses.

Who We Are

Team Leader


Brandon has recently joined our team. He comes with 3 years experience in landscaping and gardening. He’s really keen to learn all aspects of tree work.

Brandon is currently in full training and will have all relevant qualifications this year.

Brandon is a great guy who brings enthusiasm and hard work, with the right training he will be an integral part of the team in the coming years.


– City in Guilds, CS 30,31,38,39.


We are really privileged to have one of the best contract climbers in the business who help us with large and small contracts.


Everything required and over 15 years experience.

Ground Staff

Mark, Keane and Kev
All great guys and an essential part of our team. a great range of experience and youth.

Our Past Work

Section Felling

We offer sectional felling using handheld techniques for best results.


We offer sectional felling using handheld techniques for best results.

Dangerous & Emergency Tree Removal

We consider tree removal as the last resort, often there is no other alternative.

Got a project you need help with?

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