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Extensive range of Arborist services in Mansfield

Extensive range of Arborist services in Mansfield

We work on a variety of different projects, From smaller trees in your garden to large scale projects. Get in touch to find out how we can help.

Tree Reduction

Tree Reduction

Full crown reduction, part reductions and weight reduction’s are areas we specialise in.

Tree Felling

Whilst we consider tree removal as the last resort, often there is no other alternative. We will then offer sectional felling, using hand held techniques and the latest rigging equipment to ensure you get the very best and safest sectional fell. For very dangerous trees we will sometimes use a mobile platform or cranes.

Tree Felling

Crown lifting

The removal of lower branches to lift the crown to the required height e.g. 5.2 m over a road for buses etc.

Crown Thinning

Branches are removed from within the tree crown in order to make it uniformly less dense. The natural shape of the tree is completely unaffected but the ‘Sail Effect’ (wind resistance) is reduced and more light allowed filtering through. This is usually stipulated in terms of a percentage (rarely more than 30%).

Crown Clean & Dead Wooding

Crown clean is the removal of duplicating branches, crossing & defected branches. The removal of dead or dying branches usually for safety and aesthetics.



Removing a substantial amount of the tree crown to a good structure and then continuing with this management every 2-5 years.

Veteran Tree Management

Veteran trees are ancient specimens in the final stage of their life. Because of their old age they provide us with significant biological, aesthetic and cultural interest. The vitality of veteran trees is normally slowing and they are frequently in a dangerous condition. As a result the temptation is often to remove them.

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Hedge Cutting & Trimming

Hedges of any size can be reduced and trimmed to your specific dimensions.

Site Clearance

Remove trees and shrub from brown field land or allocated construction sites – provides access for future construction and compliant with legal wildlife protection schemes

Formative Pruning

The formation of a healthy stem and branch framework in very young trees. Achieved by carefully selecting and removing diseased wood, congested and rubbing branches and weak branch unions. Correct formative pruning can dramatically reduce the chances of disease, structural weakness and branch failure as the tree matures.


Tree & Shrub Planting

We provide a comprehensive tree & shrub replanting service.

If you’ve had trees or shrubs removed or you’re just looking for something to add to your garden a great option is to replant, great for the environment and for future generations to enjoy.

All our trees and shrubs are supplied by Old Hall Nurseries.

Tree Preservation & Conservation Area applications.

Some trees have Tree Preservation Orders (T.P.Os) or are in a Conservation area. If this is the case then we can advise in this matter.


Tree Reports

Cameron Gibson independently carries out reports & surveys for us. Contact details for more information. 07946053996.

Green Waste Recycling

The EU Landfill Directive is driving local authorities to reduce biodegradable waste input into landfill. This is because when green waste decomposes in a landfill site, it produces methane, which is a dangerous ‘greenhouse’ gas. It also produces chemicals, called leachates, which can pollute the local land and water. The Arborist Ltd processes the leaves, twigs, and branches and all brash through a wood chipper. This material is then either used as bio fuel for power stations, mulch for allotments, landscapers or equestrians. The client can keep any chippings for mulch around their garden. Logs can be cut up and left for the client or removed from site, later used as fire wood, see or operations page.

Fuel & Oils

We only use Aspen Fuel and Plant Oil, when you use Aspen environmental petrol, you avoid dangerous substances such as benzene and aromatic hydrocarbons, substances that can cause serious health problems. Plant based Chain Saw Oil is a rapidly biodegradable, low fling, ecologically compatible lubricant, based on rapeseed oil – a renewable resource.

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